Help your students feel safe online

Differ Corona solutions: 

* 1-1 peer support.
* Establish peer support groups.
* Platform for online learning communities.
* Backup communication platform, if Teams, Slack or other chat channels go down.

Differ is a chat app for university students, making it easier for you to connect and chat with peers.

The purpose is to help create inclusive and helpful learning communities.

Be different. Make a difference. Beg to Differ.

How to use Differ today in the Corona emergency?

Break social barriers online and automatically setup peer support groups.

1-1 peer conversations

I'm alone. I'm afraid. I just need someone to talk to.

Enable your community to support eachother.

Peer support group

Invite 500 students (or 10.000), and Differ can split them automatically in groups of 5 and trigger a group chat.

Student support and teacher support is dimensioned to handle this crisis, me must organize and enable peers to support eachother in best possible way.

Important announcements and backup communication platform

Reach your students with important announcements.

Everyone is relying on the same critical IT-infrastructure. We have capacity to be a backup-channel for communication and collaboration.

No-hassle setup and invite. GDPR compliant!


Free license available

The essential version of Differ is free. Setup your own account with our self-service solution and create a community.


Students sign up themselves

Share a join-link with your students in on email or by linking to it from your LMS. Just as easy as linking to a Facebook group. We can also push SMS inviations rapidly with ~90% signup rates.


Full-service available

Want to focus on something else?  We can manage everything including even student support, invites, and training of mentors, TAs, and teachers.

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The team

The Differ team is on a mission to help build inclusive and helpful learning communities

Would you like to join our small passionate team?

Lars Willner
Kristian Collin Berge
Chief Product Officer
Anina Hanekom
User Experience Designer
Gregor Jarisch
Gary Donaldson
Community manager (UK)

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