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Increase student engagement with chatbot teaching assistants

Differ is a class communication app that uses chatbots and artificial intelligence to increase student engagement, performance and retention.
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Personalized follow-up for every student

51% of students are unable to keep up with their courses. Help them by providing automatic follow-up messages, and instant replies to frequently asked questions.

A teaching assistant for every instructor

83% of teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. Differ helps you get your students’ attention, and up to 5x higher response and participation.

Higher retention for your Institution

44% of bachelor students in the US drop out. Keep them active, and they are 50% more likely to pass their courses and stay in school.

Hi, Julie. My name is Differbot and its my job to keep you up to date in your courses.
What is the max nr of word we can write on the case study?
Max nr of word you can write on the case study is 3500
Hi, Julie. You have a lecture in 3633 Marketing coming up in 30 minutes. The topic today is Branding, and here is the article you should have read to prepare. Enjoy :)
Hi @everyone. Before the marketing-lecture tomorrow, please post an example of a brand you like
Hi, Julie. Looks like you didn’t submit the last assignment. Anything I can do to help?
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Customers and partners

«I get up to 5 times higher student engagement with Differ»
Nina Ronæs, Lecturer consumer behavior BI Norwegian Business School Author «how to engage the students?»
“With increased activity, we also see an increase in student retention.”
Morten Ulriksen, Dean at NKI

Your teaching improved with best practice pedagogy and artificial intelligence

Best practice pedagogy for active learning

Differ is pre-programmed with best practice pedagogy for active learning, developed together with our partner institutions to maximize student engagement.

Always improving with artificial intelligence

Differ uses artificial intelligence to learn by observing how you teach in your courses. Every time you reply to a question or send a follow-up message to your students, Differ learns what are the most effective ways to engage your class and gets smarter over time.

Class communication made easy

Differbot communicates with your students through Differ Chat, a class communication app made to increase student engagement.

Get better reach and response

Getting your student’s attention is hard, unless you can reach them on their preferred device. With Differ, more students see and respond to your messages.

Improve student participation

Create active learning communities for your courses and cohorts, to enable discussions and knowledge sharing on relevant topics.

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Desktop App

Made to fit your learning environment

Differ speaks with the other tools in your learning environment to make a seamless experience for your students, teachers and admins. Automatically set up your learning communities in Differ with data from your LMS or CRM. Post automatically to Differ when something is added or updated elsewhere in your learning environment. Always stay up to date, with all your important updates in one place.

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