Give your students a safe place

Students are more stressed than ever. Loneliness, depression, and anxiety
are key factors for lack of student engagement and university dropouts.

Differ gives students a safe place to ask stupid questions,
conversations to join, and peer mentors to talk to.

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Mental health and fear of failing are slowing down students

of first-year students find it difficult to cope with social and academic aspects of university life

currently experience or have experienced some form of mental illness

29% feel lonely and isolated in their students

Help your students

Learning something new is hard. Todays students have it more difficult than ever. But a little help goes a long way. Differ creates communities where students feel safe to ask stupid questions, are given a peer mentor and help each other succeed.

Differ is the missing part of the LMS - the one caring about the people, not the content. We have proven massive positive impact on student success only by focusing on starting conversations between people.

NKI Online College

Student participation
Course completion
With Differ
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"With Differ we have gone from 5% to 85% student participation in less than a month. And our course completion rates are 3 times higher in some courses, which also increases our tuition revenues."

Morten Ulriksen,
Dean at NKI Online College
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Made for collaboration in higher education

On its surface Differ is simply a messaging platform made for education. Beneath the surface it’s the safe space where students and teachers can collaborate and communicate on both a personal level and across multiple courses, cohorts, and even across an entire school.

Large campus courses

Student- or teacher-driven course communities in large courses. Often includes teaching assistants.

First-year experience

Large-scale implementation for all first-year students. Use for buddy weeks or similar.

Online courses/programs

Fully remote online courses with peer mentors.

How it works