Helping you connect with other new students

Student life can be boring and challenging without friends. Differ help you connect with peers and start those first awkward conversations.

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Hi, my friends call me Bo and I'm a social chatbot

I'm a born matchmaker, and love to introduce my friends to each other. My home is called Differ, and it is a fun and friendly place for students.

Differ is a safe place for students to connect and chat with peers

In partnership with your university, we create an informal online community where students like you can chat with eachother without sharing too much personal information.

Make your student voice heard

You matter, and your opinion matters. Bo makes your feedback anonymous and gives continous feedback to your student representative, teacher or university.

Collaborate with peers in your course community

Your university (or professor) might also use Differ for course-specific communities. Here you can find people to study with, find answers to frequently asked questions, or get help when you feel stuck. In some cases, your professor or teaching assistant might be part of the community to help out.

Thousands of students have used Differ the last year to meet their peers.




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