On a mission to improve student wellbeing

We are on a mission to improve student wellbeing by helping all students find friendship and develop a sense of belonging.

In 2015 the top-ranked BI Norwegian Business School (BI) initiated a project that would become a 5-year development project based on the BI2020 report, with the purpose of finding out how the students' digital learning environment should be developed. The project started with the goal of increasing student engagement in Higher Education, but evolved along the way to focus on reducing dropout rates.

EdTech Foundry AS (aka Differ) was founded as a private company to be a research and development partner for BI LearningLab, that could also collaborate with other institutions and operate independently.

Differ is an active educational research partner

Edubots 2019-2021

Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance
Differ is the consortium leader for a group of 6 partners across Europe, working on best practice implementation of chatbot technology in Higher Education.

Chatbots 4 Loyalty 2018-2022

Norwegian project lead by SINTEF
In Chatbots for Loyalty, our goal is to strenghten the role chatbots may take as point of contact between customers, users, and companies.

Digital Learning Arena 2015-2019

R&D project with BI Norwegian Business School
10 solutions implemented
35,000 first-year students
550,000 messages sent -  4.2M user sessions - 22M data points

The team

We are a small team based in Norway, Austria and Slovakia.

Lars is a tech entrepreneur, last 5 years he worked with innovation in higher education; Gregor is tech-wizard first hired as a "chatbot guru", Anina make sure that we empathize with students and design a great service, and Gary just graduated as a "mature student" from Edinburgh Napier University helping us build a great professional community.

Together we have fun, and do good work.

Lars Willner
Gregor Jarisch
Anina Hanekom
User Experience Designer
Gary Donaldson
Community manager