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Social inclusion is the a hot topic at seminars and universities around the world. With good reason, the students report an alarming increase in mental health relates issues. Simply put, the students feel more lonely than ever.

This blog is dedicated to share the best ideas and actionable activities universities can do to fight the issue at their institution. We search relevant sites, screen white-papers and interview those who have done extraordinary work. All in the name of giving you ideas how to help your students.

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Background: a 5-year research project

In 2015 the top-ranked BI Norwegian Business School (BI) initiated a project that would become a 5-year development project based on the BI2020 report, with the purpose of finding out how the students' digital learning environment should be developed. The project started with the goal of increasing student engagement in Higher Education, but evolved along the way to focus on reducing dropout rates. 

EdTech Foundry AS was founded as a private company to be a research and development partner for BI LearningLab, that could also collaborate with other institutions and operate independently. In the collaborative project with BI, there has been conducted pilots with the existing solutions, such LMSes (Canvas, Itslearning), Social Media (Facebook) and Communication Platforms (Slack) and three new co-created platforms (Learn, Trive, Differ).

We have also gained experience with Moodle, Teams, Whatsapp and similar tools with over 20 institutions including the University of Oslo, Lancaster University, Ashford University, ETH Zurich, University of Granada, Webster University, EFMD Global network and others.

Read and download the full report.

Purpose of this blog

We want to kill loneliness in higher education. We will do that by sharing moderated tips and higher educational institutions can implement.

You can also read more about why Differ here: https://www.differ.chat/why-differ

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About Differ
Differ is a chat app custom-built to increase social inclusion in higher education. It is based on a 5-year research project on how to increase student retention.