How to create peer connections online with Differ

A big, new trend is universities trying to help new students connect with other new students as early as possible in the student journey. By helping students connect with each other online before semester start, they are provided a low barrier social platform to start those important first conversations on the path to friendship, community and a sense of belonging.

If you would like to try out this for yourself, Differ provide three ways to get started; the free, the custom and the geeky.

1. The free

Want to test it out and have all the resources to run the show yourself? Then the free version is a quick way to get started.

Differ have made meetings between students easy and convenient. With the free version of Differ, all universities can offer:

  • Student chat app custom-built for higher education with direct messages, group chats and open community channels.

Students sign up themselves using a join-link and accept the terms when making an user account.

Differ is based on 5 research-project on how to increase student engagement.

Get started by signing up for a free trial, and connect with your Differ mentor who can support you.

2. The full version

Need some guidance getting everything up and running or need some extra feature? The full version is probably your best choice.

The full version version have all the features in the free version, but also:

  • Custom data agreement and  in-app support
  • SMS invites. Students are invite per SMS to increase signup rates
  • Training of mentors,
  • Personal support and in-app support
  • Access to the community feature

Chat with us to get started

3. The geeky

The EDUBOTS project is a 2-year research project funded by Erasmus+. The goal is to develop best practises with the following university research partners:

In the second phase of the project, we will invite selected universities to the project. Selected universities will get free access to technology, best practises and be invited into the project as associated partners.

Applications will be made available end December and potential partners invited to a kick-off meeting in Oslo 17.January

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About Differ
Differ is a chat app custom-built to increase social inclusion in higher education. It is based on a 5-year research project on how to increase student retention.