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Hi. Welcome to Differ. I’m DifferBot, and its my job to help you get stuff done in your courses.

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DifferBot helps automate best-practice pedagogy for active learning, with the full functionality of the Differ app at its disposal: sending direct messages to students, starting group chats, and posting inside your learning communities.


Kickstarting group discussions

78% of knowledge sharing happens in study groups, but it is difficult for students to find the right people to study with. So DifferBot helps students find groups and kickstarts group chats inside Differ. And it helps teachers organize study groups for assignments or for in-class group discussions.


The Firm, Bachelor course, BI Norwegian Business School


Students asking for study groups in the open class community


Students asking Differbot to find groups for them


more happy students working together

automatic student follow-up

Nudging students to complete their assignments

51-95% of students can’t keep up with their courses. But knowing who’s falling behind is difficult in big classes. So DifferBot connects to your LMS, to see how your students are progressing with their modules and assignments, and sends automated follow-up messages to trigger student activity.


Developed in partnership with top universities

The pedagogy powering DifferBot is developed with Teaching and Learning Centers at top universities, and tested by real human teachers in live courses before it is automated and made available in Differ.

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