Differ Corona Response - Help your students feel safe

Triggered by the Corona pandemia, educational leaders, educators and students across the world are currently preparing for a monumental transition to online education.

The Differ team is standby to assist our friends and colleagues in Higher Education.
We recommend everyone to focus on helping students, first and foremost, to feel safe and cared for.* Take the time to speak to, or chat with, as many students as possible.

Differ can help you to establish those 1-1 conversations, and facilitate an inclusive and helpful learning community for the days, weeks, months to come.

*Our recommendation is based on 5 year's of R&D, identifying important psychosocial barriers for students to engage in online learning activities. (e.g. fear of looking stupid, fear of not fitting in). Click here to download an insights report on the topic

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Help students feel safe and cared for

How to use Differ today in the Corona emergency?

Break social barriers online and automatically setup peer support groups.

1-1 peer conversations

I'm alone. I'm afraid. I just need someone to talk to.

Enable your community to support eachother.

Peer support group

Invite 500 students (or 10.000), and Differ can split them automatically in groups of 5 and trigger a group chat.

Student support and teacher support is dimensioned to handle this crisis, me must organize and enable peers to support eachother in best possible way.

Backup communication platform

Reach your students with important announcements.

Everyone is relying on the same critical IT-infrastructure. We have capacity to be a backup-channel for communication and collaboration.

Ok, so how I get started to try this out?

1. Join the Differ Corona Community to connect with other Educators and Differ Experts. Click here
2. Have a personal 1-1 chat (in Differ) with one in our team who can help you get started.
3. Create your own community to establish a direct line of communication with students.
4. Share join link with students. It can all be done in a matter of a coffee break.

You can also chat with us directly, by clicking the button in the header. Don't think about money, we made it all free for everyone. Did I mention it is GDPR-compliant? It is.

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Case study: Online Education

Help more students feel safe and complete their courses

Learning something new is hard. But a little help goes a long way. Differ creates learning communities where students get help from each other and from peer mentors.

Keep your LMS for course content and assignments. Add Differ as a community to get help and support.

NKI Online College

Student participation
Course completion
With Differ
Old solution

"With Differ we have gone from 5% to 85% student participation in less than a month. And our course completion rates are 3 times higher in some courses, which also increases our tuition revenues."

Morten Ulriksen,
Dean at NKI Online College

Made for conversations and collaboration in higher education

On its surface Differ is simply a messaging platform made for education. Beneath the surface it’s the safe space where students and teachers can collaborate and communicate on both a personal level and across multiple courses, cohorts, and even across an entire school.