Less loneliness, more belonging

Differ help new students connect with the other new students and your student union.

"Differ created a foundation for me as a new student. It quickly helped me get to know some fantastic people, and it made me feel safe. It made me ready to start student life with a smile ”
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Upgrade your university as a social platform for students

Differ is designed to positively impact student wellbeing and success, but also to address some of the important strategic issues for HE institutions. 55% of students agree Differ improved their sense of belonging at the university. (University of Leeds 2020)

Empowers students to develop stronger social networks, skills and capital

Build a stronger, more diverse and inclusive university community

Improve continuation and completion rates

Research-driven design and development

Differ is developed in partnership with universities, and co-created together with students and staff in the following research projects:

EDUBOTS, EU-funded project (2019 - 2022)

Chatbots 4 Loyalty (2018 - 2022)

The Digital Learning Arena (2015 - 2019)

Differ is the starting platform for students to connect with their peer community

Learn how Differ can improve student onboarding for:

First-year students

Widening Participation students

International Students

Online Students

No-hassle setup and invite.
GDPR compliant.

Super-easy to procure, setup and implement

Free license available

The basic version of Differ is free for personal use. Setup your own account with our self-service solution and create a community.

Students sign up themselves

Share a join-link with your students in an email or by linking to it from your LMS. Just as easy as linking to a Facebook group. We can also push SMS invitations rapidly with ~90% signup rates.

Small-scale, or large-scale?

Differ is ready to help all your new students, even though you are a large university. But you can also start small, at a faculty or even a large first-year course. We help you get started!