Improve student retention and tuition revenues

We really, really care about making students feel safe and motivate them to collaborate. It's so fundamental to learning that we have spent years exploring how to make it happen. We have researched, interview, tested and worked with experts from education, social media, and the advertising industry.

Together with our close higher education partners like BI Norwegian Business School. University of Oslo, NKI and others we have tested most software out there. Slack, Teams, Whatsapp, WeChat, LMS forums, you name it. We have been there. We also have built, and scrapped, our own LMS and "Facebook for learning".

Based on all learnings we are building Differ. The edtech accellerator Learnspace made a pretty good story about our journey. Below, we have added some nice things about the Differ platform. It's a bit boring, but we placed it there because we are proud of it.

But this is not really a story about software. It's about understand how to create a learning community where humans help each other.

If you are not here to hear Differ the software bragging, access the software-agnostic Learning Community Wiki instead. We add lessons learned in there.

NKI Online College

"With Differ we have gone from 5% to 85% student participation in less than a month. And our course completion rates are 3 times higher in some courses, which also increases our tuition revenues."

Morten Ulriksen,
Dean at NKI Online College
Student participation
Course completion
With Differ
Old solution

Build your learning community

Differ is a messaging platform made for education. It creates active learning communities for your courses and study programs, where institutions, and teachers can reach and engage their students.

A place to ask for help and collaborate

51-95% of students fall behind on their courses. Give them a place where they can ask for help and collaborate. Participation increase learning outcome and retention rates.

A place to reach your students

83% of teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. Give your faculty a way to reach and engage their students, and exchange teaching practices with each other to improve their courses

Increase faculty performance

83% of teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. Give your faculty a way to reach and engage their students, and exchange teaching practices with each other to improve their courses


“We’re seeing a massive increase in student participation in our courses. Differ represents a true shift from passive to active learning behavior, and I believe it gives BI a real advantage compared to other institutions.”

Anne B Swanberg, PhD,
Director of BI Learning Lab,  BI Norwegian Business Schoole

Nothing to replace, just value added

Dreading a long implementation process? Don’t worry. Differ is a supplement to your learning management system that can be made available to your students and faculty as a stand-alone application. Similar to Whatsapp, Faceook etc.

Don't worry about integration

You will probably ask about integration. In most cases integration with the LMS/VLE. You want one system, right? This is the funny part. We have not found evidence that integration the learning community improves student collaboration. Rather the opposite. It confuses the students having both "overview" and "collaboration" in one place. We strongly recommend you not integrate with the LMS.

Real human support to ensure successful implementation

What about training and support for my organization? Differ handles user support directly through the application, so you don’t have to worry about it. And we provide training for your Faculty or Teaching and Learning Center if needed, to make sure everybody understands how to apply Differ in their teaching. We even made an entire wiki for you.

Keep your IT and Legal department happy

Unlike social media often in education, Differ is reliable, secure, AND COMPLIANT WITH DATA PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES. Get in touch and we will provide you with the necessary documentation to assess this for yourself.

Access the Learning Community Wiki

We made a wiki to share our learnings.
It's of course platform-agnostic and relevant no matter what software you use.

Free access to the wiki
Create the atmosphere for support and collaboration

Learning Community Wiki for teachers and institutions

Teachers all over the world build communities in Slack, Teams, Discord, LMS Forums, Facebook, What' app, weChat, or Differ.We have tested them all and share our platform-agnostic best practices.

Chat with us for free access


All about understand roles like the teacher involvement and Preparing the community


Good Habits

Let no question be unanswered! And motivate students to ask in communities so everyone can learn from each other.


Get everyone onboard

The importance of make everyone feel welcome and help forming study groups


Let It Grow

Plan for the important dates and let the students help each other. This is their place after all.