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Hi! Welcome to Differ. I’m DifferBot, and its my job to help you get stuff done in your courses. First, let’s get your study group on board.
Team fantastic

Get your group work done with a little more fun

Doing a group assignment together, or just helping each other out? Differ brings your team conversations, work docs and internal jokes together in one place, so you can get your work done with a little more fun.

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Stay organized, with different threads for different topics

A single chat thread in Messenger is just not enough. In Differ you can organize your conversations in different #topics, so you can keep you conversations about classes and parties separate, and never lose track of important conversations.

Files & Links

Keep track of your work-docs, files and links

When you are putting together a group assignment, it can be difficult to keep track of all the different versions and contributions made by your team. Differ automatically organizes your shared files and links so you can find them whenever you need to.

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You’re in! Best University has invited you to join the following learning community on Differ: BBA Marketing, class of 2020

Stay connected with your class community

Taking a class or doing a study program? Create a class community in Differ so you can bring your class community closer together, and get help and support when you need it. Already have a Facebook group for this? Differ communities is a more personal place, with more activity, that makes you happier.

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study groups

Find study groups and make new friends

New in class? Asking to join study groups can feel awkward, and finding the right people to work with can be difficult. DifferBot can introduce you to new people in your class and create groups for you. Just tell the Bot you need a group, and he’ll put you into a group chat with classmates.

ask questions and get help

Get help and support when you’re stuck

That feeling, when you’re stuck on an assignment and ready to give up :( Your classmates are working on the same thing, so why don’t you ask them? With your class community in Differ you get a safe place to ask questions and get help when you need it, so you can get your work done and feel awesome again.

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Yay! You graduated. Now the real learning starts. Time to build your career.

Build your career and become influencers in your field

Product design? App development? Dog-walking? Whatever you are pursuing, bring your network into Differ so you have a place to connect, share knowledge, and help each other become influencers in your field.

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Learn from the best people in your network

You can do anything you set your mind to, with the right people around you. The best jobs are filled through personal recommendations. With your professional communities in Differ, you don’t miss out on the good opportunities.

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