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We believe learning is about conversations between people.
Differ make more conversations happen in higher education.

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💬 Differ is a messaging app for students and teachers in higher education.
🤖 Differ use chatbots to help create conversations between people.
🔁 Differ replaces Facebook groups, WhatsApp, LMS forums, Slack, Teams, email...

Psst! Keep your LMS.

Many students are not comfortable by starting a conversation but are happy to follow the lead of others.  
As a result, most questions in education are never asked. It's a shame.
In Differ, we help automate the starting of conversation in direct chats, small groups and large communities

Give all students someone to talk to

Create private conversations with mentors

Peer mentoring and 1-1 counselling is traditonally time-consuming.

In Differ, we use chatbots bot match students with other students or mentors and initiate new private conversation. Ideal to get senior students to participate as peer mentors and give students at least one friend they can ask whenever needed.

Example: A chatbot in Differ match new students with a personal mentor and kickstart a private conversation upon the first login.

Learning together is more fun

Create group conversations

Many students are lonely and fail to find a study group.

In Differ, students can create and find study groups within all communities. Chatbots may help setup and kickstart collaboration in groups.

Example: Give all students a peer group and initiate the conversation between them. Ideal for buddy weeks or courses with mandatory group work.

Overcoming the fear of large group collaboration

Create shared conversations within your community

Most students are afraid of speaking up in large communities.

In Differ, we make it possible to use the shared community as the starting point to join small group conversations without sacrificing the transparency for the entire community.

This way, the users keep the small group comfort combined with the access to all other students.

Example: Teaching Assistants invite all students to a conversation to give feedback before, during or after the lecture.

No-hassle setup and invite


Free license available

The essential version of Differ is free. Setup your own account with our self-service solution and create a community.


Students sign up themselves

Share a join-link with your students in on email or by linking to it from your LMS. Just as easy as linking to a Facebook group.


Full-service available

Want to focus on something else?  We can manage everything including even student support, invites, and training of mentors, TAs, and teachers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do about the LMS?

Keep it! Differ is a supplement to your LMS, replaces the forums (that are never active anyway), but does NOT replace the rest of the LMS. Keep posting your course content and assignments to the LMS as usual.

Can I use Differ to get feedback from my students?

Yes, of course. Many community creators are looking for feedback and use Differ to get feedback. But please don't spam your students. That will never work no matter what technology you use.

How do I engage my students?

The billion dollar question, right? The team behind Differ has worked together with partner institutions for 4 years to learn how to best facilitate online learning communities. Our work is based on years of research with millions of funding. When it comes down to student engagement, have done most mistakes possible. Now, for the first time, we are sharing all insight in an online training program.

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I am a lecturer, do I have to active  in the community?

No, we have seen success with fully student-driven communities. It is more important to set the right expectations and be consistent with how you will contribute. To learn more, we suggest our training program.

What about privacy?

You are all good. Differ is GDPR-compliant and all new users explicitly consent to data processing on signup

Learn more about facilitating learning communities?

Chat with one of our experienced learning community managers.

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