Improve your students wellbeing and success

The purpose of Differ is to help new students develop friendship and a sense of belonging in transition to university with the aims of increasing both engagement and retention.

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peer-to-peer student community

Help students connect and chat with peers. This can help them build friendship and a sense of belonging, which will improve the social integration in the transition to university.

  • Facilitate informal 1-1 peer conversations
  • Facilitate informal peer group conversations.
  • Help students find like-minded people in open community topics around hobbies/interests etc.
  • Empower students to make their voice heard. Anonymous continuous feedback to Student Reps or Educator, provided by Hubert.AI

Course communities

In addition to informal student communities, educators can use the Differ solution for academic purposes in course communities:

  • Give students a personal welcome and open a line of communication.
  • Empower the Student Voice to get continuous feedback from your students.
  • Help students form study groups with peers in your class.
  • Create conversations around Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Connect and break the ice between students and student mentors/teaching assistants/student representatives or teaching staff.

No-hassle setup and invite. GDPR compliant.

Super-easy to procure, setup and implement


Free license available

The basic version of Differ is free for personal use. Setup your own account with our self-service solution and create a community.


Students sign up themselves

Share a join-link with your students in an email or by linking to it from your LMS. Just as easy as linking to a Facebook group. We can also push SMS invitations rapidly with ~90% signup rates.


Small-scale, or large-scale?

Differ is ready to help all your new students, even though you are a large university. But you can also start small, at a faculty or even a large first-year course. We help you get started!

Differ is an active educational research partner

The Differ solution is a result of an ongoing innovative collaboration
between higher education institutions across Europe.

Edubots 2019-2021

Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance
Differ is the consortium leader for a group of 6 partners across Europe, working on best practice implementation of chatbot technology in Higher Education.

Project website

Chatbots 4 Loyalty 2018-2022

Norwegian project lead by SINTEF
In Chatbots for Loyalty, our goal is to strengthen the role chatbots may take as point of contact between customers, users, and companies.

Project website

Digital Learning Arena 2015-2019

R&D project with BI Norwegian Business School
10 solutions implemented
35,000 first-year students
550,000 messages sent -  4.2M user sessions - 22M data points