A stress free way to succeed in your studies

Easy messaging with your classmates, group collaboration, and a goddamn robot, all in one place!

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Get answers when you are stuck

We know there is a lot of stress surrounding assignments. That’s why we have made it super easy to share and connect with your fellow students.

Stay up-to-date on course activity

We made a robot that assists you with everything from preparations to class to  updates from your teachers

Students love us

Simply the best way to stay in touch with my classmates and get group assignments done. Without the constant kitten pics and Kim Kardashian-gifs distractions as other social media.

Andy Nguyen
Just a random student

Who reads email anymore? With classmates, teachers and student organisations on Differ, its easy to stay up to date on everything school-related and get feedback when I'm stuck

Anca Olariu
Student organisation leader. AIESEC Norway 2014-16

Easy collaboration with your study group

The best recipe for success is to surround yourself with great people, we made it easy to find and collaborate with them.