Be different.
Make a Difference.

Become a Differentiator in your local student community

Would you like to join the online community of Differentiators from around the world?

Two candidates from each school will get the chance to represent Differ, develop your social skills and network, and use your communication and business skills to setup partnership with your university and student union.

Join the Differentiator Community

Empower stronger student communities

What does that mean? As a Differentiator you can make a difference in your local student community, that can improve both student wellbeing and success. By being a student ambassador, you can help make your community more inclusive and helpful.

Develop yourself

We hope to offer you a chance to develop social skills, capital and network, through engaging with the other Differentiators in our global student community.

Make some money

Help us start a pilot project at your university, by doing some research and setup a couple of meetings with your faculty and/or student union. When the university sign up for a paid pilot contract, you will earn a bonus from that.