Less loneliness, more belonging

Differ will help your new students connect with the other new students and your student union.

"Differ created a foundation for me as a new student. It quickly helped me get to know some fantastic people, and it made me feel safe. It made me ready to start student life with a smile ”

How about fixing student loneliness together?

Do you have student loneliness and belonging on your agenda to fix? Check this presentation for an introduction to Differ. We would love to collaborate with you and your union.

Differ is the starting platform for students to connect with their peer community

Differ can boost friendship and belonging in your student community. This is especially important for first year students, under-represented students, international students and online students.

Research-driven design and development

Differ is developed in partnership with unions and universities, and co-created together with students and staff in the following research projects:

EDUBOTS, EU-funded project (2019 - 2022)

Chatbots 4 Loyalty (2018 - 2022)

The Digital Learning Arena (2015 - 2019)

No-hassle setup and invite.
GDPR compliant.

Super-easy to setup and get started with. Share with students in your existing channels or send SMS invitations to join.

Free license available

The basic version of Differ is free for personal use. Setup your own account with our self-service solution and create a community.

Students sign up themselves

Share a join-link with your students in an email or by linking to it from your LMS. Just as easy as linking to a Facebook group. We can also push SMS invitations rapidly with ~90% signup rates.

Small-scale, or large-scale?

Differ is ready to help all your new students, even though you are a large university. But you can also start small, at a faculty or even a large first-year course. We help you get started!