Increase student engagement  in blended and online courses

83% of teachers are frustrated with low student engagement. Use Differ to reach and engage your students, and get up to 19x increased student engagement.

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Reach and engage your students

Differ is a messaging app made for class communication. Create an active learning community for your course, so you can reach and engage your students when you need to.


Kick-start student discussions on relevant topics

Learning is more than just reproducing information. In your learning community, create #topics that are relevant for your course to kick-start discussions among students.


Get more students to participate in class

Teachers who use Differ say that more students show up for class, and participate more in discussions. Use Differ to get in-class response from students, by asking for live feedback, questions and answers during class.

Student peer help

Give your students a place to help each other

As a teacher you cannot be available all the time. In Differ, students can collaborate in groups and help each other with questions and answers when they are stuck.

Chatbot TA

Enhance your teaching, with chatbot teaching assistants

Knowing who falls behind in your courses can be difficult. Differ uses chatbot teaching assistants to automatically follow up students, making sure no student is left behind.

Need help with how to increase engagement?

Many teachers like you are using Differ to increase student engagement. Join our teacher community to see what others are doing and get tips on how to trigger engagement.

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