Be different. Make a difference. Beg to Differ.

Let go of the fear of not fitting in. You belong here.

Join your university peers on Differ to co-create an inclusive and helpful learning community #peerpower

Many new students feel stressed and lonely, and risk falling behind.

Social anxiety

As applicants prepare for orientation week they are stressed about if they will fit in and find a friend.

Excessive drinking

Students drink and party to fit in and find friends.
79% of students agree that drinking and getting drunk is part of university culture*

Lonely students

26% of students report feeling lonely either often, or all the time.**

* NUS (UK -18) Students & Alcohol National Survey
** Unite Students Insight Report 2019

Differ help universities improve
student wellbeing, engagement and success.

Help your students connect and develop a sense of belonging

See who's in your new class

Social discovery of your new peers

Find other students like yourself

Chat without sharing phone-number and social media profiles with "strangers"

Break social barriers

Being the first to say hi is awkward. Period.
Differ use social chatbots to break the ice.

Create inclusive learning communities for all your students

Friendship and a peer relationships are just really important.

“Differ created a foundation for me as a new student. It quickly helped me get to know some fantastic people, and it made me feel safe. It made me ready to start student life with a smile 😁”

- First-Year Student from University of South-East Norway